My meeting(s) with Ms. Leermonth are going very well. Theatre Production is Tuesdays and Thursdays, and so we meet at the start of every Tuesday class for 20-30 minutes, and then I go and work under her supervision/guidance. I have her phone number, which we use to communicate about Theatre Production related issues, as well as about any questions I might have.

During our sessions, we have really good communication and chemistry. Ms. Leermonth and I have great conversations about costuming, her own experiences, Sister Act, and just musicals in general. We don’t really have any relationship issues, and I’d say our only problem is that she has a whole class to take care of other than me, so getting a hold of her can be difficult. Luckily, Jordan Chambers and Sophie Webb can answer a lot of my less-complicated questions.

There weren’t any notable learning challenges, as I picked up most of the skills fairly quickly. To hold myself accountable, I take notes and ask lots of questions. I can already see how learning costuming in Theatre Production is different than learning costuming by myself, because almost immediately I was held responsible for different tasks and jobs. There isn’t a lot of room for me to mess up, which is definitely speeding up my learning process.

Three strategies that could improve the quality of my mentor interactions would be:

  • Seeing Ms. Leermonth in an environment outside of Theatre Production
    • Arranging meetings in block 2, CL times, or after school would create a less-hectic and more focused learning space, so I can talk to Ms. Leermonth about other times she is free.
  • Keep the conversation on-topic
    • Sometimes Ms. Leermonth and I get a little too off topic, so creating a list of specific questions beforehand- and writing down her answers- would improve the level of content in our conversation.
  • Participate in group discussions with Jordan, Sophie, and Ms. Leermonth
    • Jordan, Sophie, and Ms. Leermonth have costuming meetings that I’m welcome to sit in on, but I’m a little too scared to give my input, ask questions, and participate fully. It’s my goal for the next meeting to step out of my comfort zone and do so!

Overall, Theatre Production is going very well. I’m increasingly taking on my own little projects, taking initiative, and expanding my knowledge of costuming. We are currently working on the nun’s headdresses, otherwise called wimples. I helped Sophie create the wimple pattern, and next class we are to cut the fabric and possibly sew one together. Sophie and I created a sample in yellow fabric, but since then we’ve gone to the fabric store to pick up a stretchy white fabric for the actual costume. I’ve learned about different types of fabric, and how each one changes the way you sew, shape, and design your clothes. For example, a stretchy cotton blend is harder to sew but easier to fit overall for a wimple, so that’s what we bought. For the dresses, we chose a stiffer synthetic fabric as it would hold the shape of the dress better, and was simpler/faster to work with.

I’ve also started my in-depth video!

Until next time,

Charlotte A