Costuming Week 7!

So far, costuming has been great. Recently, we have just been preparing for the murder mystery fundraiser. The cast of sister act is performing a few acts that we had not finished the costumes for. Therefore, the rush was significant. Our initial understanding of needing 11 full nun costumes was incorrect, and we actually needed 16. This ended with Jordan, Sophie, and I staying in until 7:30 to finish the costumes. That night, we practiced endurance.

So far, the most difficult mentor challenge is finding time to learn and make mistakes in the rush of theatre production. The nature of the costuming department is that we are forced to settle for ‘just done’, as we need to get all the costumes done as soon as possible. Finding time to slow down and learn has been difficult, but the fast-paced environment makes me learn and absorb at a quicker rate.

I’m becoming a pretty essential part of the costuming department, so that’s going very well. Myself, Jordan, and Sophie have become very close through this process. Asking questions has become even easier through this relationship. Sophie says that if I want to continue Theatre Production next year, I’ve shown so much improvement that she would train me to be Head of Costumes.

What’s not working so well is the actual making of the Theatre Costumes. We are pretty behind schedule, mostly due to the lack of sewing knowledge from other teammates. To help fix this problem, I can (and will) take on more work, as well as continue to help other people in costumes with their sewing problems.

I’m really excited for the rest of this project.

Until next time!